Travel Chile: ceramics at Tallervillaseca, Santiago


One of the joys of traveling is discovering local contemporary artists in the neighborhood. In this case, it was a pottery class attended by an overseas family member that brought me to Tallervillaseca in Santiago. Taller (“Studio” in English) is operated by four artists: two potters, one jeweler and one sculptor, all of whom have workshops in this former home, now studio.


Tallervillaseca specializes in classes, supplies, finished goods with a small retail sales area. Santiago is a high desert type of climate, a place where year round cactus gardens are possible, and in this space, the addition of cactus/pottery installations is charming, like a living art installation. The small goldfish ponds is an immediate kid-draw. Tallervillaseca is located on the street called Dr. Pedro Lautaro Ferrer 2586, in Providencia, Chile.


Bisque firing is done electrically; glaze firing by gas, at Tallervillaseca.


The inside cactus garden at Tallervillaseca.



Pottery at Tallervillaseca includes press-molded sets of shakers on serving trays. As seen elsewhere in Chile, style is European-influenced.


Wrapping purchases at Tallervillaseca.