Anni Holm & the NetWorking Project

Iowa City’s celebrated Iowa Arts Festival took place June 3-5, inaugurated by a Gallery Walk at 17 downtown locations including Iowa Artisans Gallery, the gallery that I am associated with. On my rounds to check out artists at the art fair the next day, I discovered a tent with a knitting installation in progress. The red knitted labyrinth resembled a large unruly octopus and represents the work of many knitters over time. Curious, I asked artist and founder Anni Holm to tell me more about her project.

Anni, who lives in Chicago but is a native of Denmark, and fellow knitter Nyok-Mei Wong of Malaysia, started this knitting installation/performance art piece in 2006. Entitled “The NetWorking Project,” it involves members of the public stopping by to knit from one of the many ends. No experience is necessary.  From her promotional materials, Anni tells us, “The NetWorking project is an attempt to physically demonstrate how a network is constructed and constantly changing. The viewers are invited to sit down and knit with the artist, and through dialogue develop their own networks beyond the boundaries of the piece.” To see more images from other locations, visit The NetWorking Project’s website.

Anni Holm is pictured above, at left. She told Festival organizers that about 100 knitters participated in the project over two days, not bad for a first time appearance.