Necessities Vests!

My friend Connie Roberts is a professional artist who makes carved wooden whistle sculptures. She and I have collaborated for some time on thematic vests containing appropriate whistles. Our most popular has always been the Necessities Vest, made to order for male or female wearers, a piece that occupies a display stand during times not worn as a conversational art theater piece. Connie usually makes dozens of whistles that are visible and hidden on these vests.

 My contribution is to dye and print the cotton fabrics for vest and lining, plus pockets and trim. I designed the pockets and patterns and construct and sew the vests. When they’re sewn, Connie and I get together to trouble-shoot placement, drill a few holes etc. Her whistles are by far the most entertaining part of these Vests, but what follows are photos of how the vests themselves come into being.

hand-dyed, monoprinted & screenprinted cotton fabrics using procion fiber reactive dyes
flaps, and lots of notes

the old workhorse Janome sewing machine
It helps that it’s still porch weather
Connie’s buttons are a hoot. They do not whistle.
OK, so my part is finished…
Connie and her drill. Trying to keep the sawdust off of the fabric. Placing whistles.
Whistles similar to what we have in our vests.