Karl Etoffe & Max Tessuti, a fine couture shop in lovely Freiburg

Karl Etoffe & Max Tessuti is a clothing design shop featuring the work of Gudrun von Kalckreuth. This charming shop recently celebrated its 25th anniversary and has two locations. Freiburg, Germany, a truly lovely city, is where I discovered it. I was charmed by this shop: exquisite designs in layered silks and other fabrics, often with mixed patterns but oh, so well done. It’s interesting to see the aesthetic taste of another country. Take a look at these pictures, and then visit the store website, where you’ll find many kinds of fabrics by choosing the “Stoffe” button, and many kinds of designs, by choosing the “Modelle” button. If you’re visiting Freiburg, stop by the shop at Marienstrasse 14 in the old part of the city.

bicycles are everywhere in this city, which is also home to a large university

The website asks if we love fabric. A rough translation:
“Our philosophy: outstanding quality, beautiful fabrics, interesting structures, fantasy-full designs, all put together in a color coordinated way, and as clothing designs that work together. We appeal to creative women but also men… Our model: (designs) for living.

Customers can look down a half flight, into the work space. Shown in back: patterns

One of the staff members looks through a sample book at the front desk.

This section of Freiburg contains many small boutique-type shops and is home to a number of museums. Gerberau and Fischerau are streets dating to the 1300s and are next to this channel of water from the Dreisam River; in earlier times, this water was used for leather tanning and fisheries.